Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

User access controls

Creating and maintaining groups

You can create and maintain groups on the Maintain Groups tab of the Learning Provider Portal.

Users with LP User Administrator access can:

  • create groups
  • maintain groups
  • make groups inactive
  1. Select the Maintain Groups tab. This is where you can see all existing groups.

  2. To add a new group, select Create group. This will open a popup where you can enter the details of the group. Complete these as prompted and select the users you want to assign to this group. 

  3. To update an existing group, select the group from the list. This will open a popup where you can change the group name or the users assigned to the group. 

  4. Once you have made your updates, select Save

  5. If you want to make a group inactive, select it and uncheck the Active checkbox.

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