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View import results

Once you have submitted the attendance file, you should check that it has uploaded successfully.

Go to the Attendance Home page and select View Import Results.

An image of the attendance home page with the view import results menu option highlighted in red.

This will take you to a search page where you can search for files within a certain date range or with a particular import status.

An image of the view import results options page.

The file import status could be one of the following:

Awaiting Processing

The file is queued, waiting to be processed.

Being Processed

The file is currently being processed.

Processed with Error(s)

The file has been processed, but contains errors.

Successfully Processed

The file has been successfully processed and attendance confirmations have been loaded.

System Error – File Not Processed

A system error has resulted in the file not being processed and you should resubmit it.


After completing the search, you will see a list of files that meet your search criteria.

File format validation will check that the file and the fields are in the expected format. Business rule validation will check individual records within the file. The system will tell you if there are any errors at file or individual record level.

An image of the view import result page, showing the file import status filter menu.

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