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Worklist attendance confirmation

You can confirm attendance in 3 ways from the worklist.

  1. Select a value from the dropdown in in the Apply Change column. This will apply to an individual learner.
  2. Select a value from the dropdown in the Apply to All box. This will apply to all learner records.
  3. Select the learner’s name to go to the Detailed Learner Information page and confirm attendance from there. This will apply to the individual learner.

The worklist fields are as follows.

Full Name         

The learner’s full name.


The learner’s ULN.

Fee Amount     

The learner’s fee amount.

Entitlement Amount     

The amount of loan to be paid in.

Learning Aim    

The learner’s learning aim start date, end date, reference number and name.

Confirmation Date        

The date of the attendance confirmation request.

Apply Change   

A dropdown list of attendance statuses.

Individual learner confirmation

To confirm attendance for an individual learner, select the confirmation status from the dropdown.

You can do this for one, multiple, or all learners shown on the page. Once you have selected the status, select Submit.

You can use the following confirmation status options.

Awaiting Confirmation 

No attendance status has been entered for this learner.

In Attendance  

The learner is in attendance and engaged on the learning aim.

Not in Attendance         

The learner is not in attendance and no longer engaged in their learning aim.

If you submit this status at initial attendance confirmation, the application will be cancelled automatically.

If you submit this status at a subsequent quarterly attendance confirmation, the system will create a CoC reminder in your CoC worklist. You should submit a Withdrawal or Suspension CoC.

You should not submit an attendance confirmation if the learner is not in attendance due to early completion. You should instead submit an Early Completion CoC. This will update the learner’s record and remove them from the attendance worklist. 

Change Start Date         

The learner is or will be in attendance but their learning aim start date has changed. You can only use this status for the initial confirmation.

If you submit this status, the system will create a CoC reminder in your CoC worklist. You should create a Change of Learning Aim CoC. The learner then will reappear on the worklist at the appropriate time.

Multiple learner confirmation

You can use the Apply to All dropdown to apply the selected attendance status to all learners on the page.

This is a quick way to make updates if all or most learners on the page have the same attendance status.

If you have made changes in error, select Clear Changes.

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