Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Pre-liability CoC – application status

A learner’s application is in the pre-liability stage until you submit a positive attendance confirmation to us. 

An application becomes visible on the Learning Provider Portal as soon as the learner submits it to us.

You will not be able to create a CoC until we have fully assessed and approved the application.

You can create a pre-liability CoC for a learner whose application is at one of these application statuses:

  • approved
  • approved awaiting signature
  • ineligible – you may also submit a CoC when the application status is ineligible following a previous CoC
  • cancelled – you can submit a reinstatement CoC when the application status is cancelled following a previous cancellation CoC

The types of CoCs that will make a learner’s application ineligible are:

  • decrease course fee
  • decrease loan amount to less than £300

If the loan amount has been reduced to £0, you will not be able to submit a CoC to increase the loan amount. You’ll be able to submit other changes but the learner will remain ineligible until they contact us to increase the loan from £0.

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