Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Resumption CoC

You will need to use this CoC when a learner returns to learning after a temporary break in study.

  1. Go to the Change of Circumstance tab and select the Resumption CoC.

    An image of the create coc page in the portal, with the coc details tab open to add the effective date.

  2. Enter the effective date when the learner resumed their studies.

  3. Select Next to complete the CoC details and submit the CoC.

You can only use the resumption CoC if the learner’s current application status is suspended. After you submit a resumption CoC, payments will begin for the learner.

Liability for the loan is incurred after one or more days of attendance that month. You will need to confirm the learner’s attendance in the month that they resume their learning aim. This applies even if the normal quarterly attendance check is not due yet. We will add the learner to your attendance worklist when we need this confirmation.

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