Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Creating CoCs by bulk import

If you have LP CoC Administrator access, you can import and submit CoC data from csv and xml files for up to 500 learners for an academic year. 

The file must be in a specified csv or xml format. You will be able to upload it from your own file system.

This file can have a mixture of pre-liability and post-liability changes.

  1. Start by hovering over the Applicant Information Service tab to open the menu, then select CoC Home. This will take you to the CoC Home page. You can navigate to all CoC options from this page. 

  2. Select Import CoCs. This will open the CoC Bulk Upload page.

    An image of the coc bulk import page in the LP Portal.

  3. Select Browse and follow the system prompts to select the file you want to upload.

  4. Select a radio button to assign a contact to the CoC.

  5. Select Submit. This will take you to the upload summary.

  6. Select Back to return to the CoC Home page.

The system will validate the submitted CoC bulk import data file format and confirm which entries passed and which failed.

You will get an itemised list of any failed CoC submissions, so you can amend the csv or xml file if you need to.

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