Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Creating post-liability CoCs from the CoC Home page

If you have LP CoC Administrator access, you can create CoCs from the CoC Home page.

Hover over the Applicant Information Service tab to open the menu, then select CoC Home.

An image showing how to access the CoC Home page in the LP Portal.

This will open the CoC Home page. You can navigate to all CoC options from this page.  If you start from the CoC Home page, you will be able to submit CoCs for a single learner, or for multiple learners in one submission.

  1. Select Create CoC and Post Liability. The Learner Search page will open by default. If you want to search for learners by common learning aim, select the Learning Aim Search tab instead.

    An image of the CoC Home page illustrating the post and pre liability dropdown options.

  2. Enter your search criteria and select View Results.

  3. Check the checkboxes for the learners you want to submit CoCs for. Select Create CoC to open the Create CoC page, then select Next.

    An image of the create post liability coc page, with the learner information results tab open.

  4. Select the CoC type from the Available box.

    An image of the CoC options dropdown in the Create CoC page in the LP Portal.

  5. Enter the details of the change and select Next.

    An image of the change of circumstance details page in the lp portal displaying the change of circumstance details tab.

  6. This will take you to the Contact Details page. Select the appropriate radio button to assign a contact for the CoC, then select Next. If there is no CoC contact in the system, the Create CoC option will be disabled.

    Animage of the create CoC page in the LP Portal with the contact details tab highlighted.

  7. Select Next to open the CoC Summary page.

    An image of the CoC summary page ater creating a CoC in the LP Portal.

  8. Check the CoC details. If they are correct, select Submit. If they are incorrect, select Cancel to amend or cancel the CoC.

The system will check if a learner’s application has changed since you started creating the CoC. If another user has signed in and made a change at the same time, the system will not process the CoC and you will get an error message.

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